4 High-Tech Collaboration Solutions

March 23, 2020

4 High-Tech Collaboration Solutions

Nothing beats a face-to-face brainstorming session or the comfort that comes with sharing a workspace, but sometimes you and your teammates will simply pass like ships in the night. With off-hours work becoming more important and telecommuting connecting collaborators across the world, adopting new technology can close time and distance gaps, inspiring better, more cohesive work.

Do More than Just Googling It

With Drive, Docs, Gmail, and more, the Google Suite is one of the most robust cloud-based collaboration tools. Its universal nature and easy-to-access, web-based structure is a fast and free solution that everybody can get behind. Its features are highly-curated, highly-useful, and clean, allowing for an abundance of optional plugins to perfectly tailor your experience.

Slack, for Anything but Slacking Off

Toting itself as an alternative to email, Slack is an innovator and trailblazer in inter-team communication. Its robust features are available on a tiered schedule, with the most cost-effective at a whopping $0 and the rest at highly affordable monthly rates. Teams of any size can enjoy its file sharing, chat, and search capabilities, all while opting to integrate third-party solutions as needed. Even when working between companies, Slack allows for integration and collaboration with teams that exist outside of your organization, bolstering the cohesive nature of today's workforce.

Track it With Trello

Taskmasters love this site's organizational optimization and its easy-to-read UI that showcases all of your to-dos at a glance. Whether you're using it on your own to manage personal projects or delegating tasks between team members, this service is an excellent addition to enhance the function of other collaboration suites (several of which support Trello integration, too).

Just Team(s) Up

Knowing Microsoft Office backwards and forwards isn't optional in today's workplace. Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are the mainstays of the suite, but the latest hero, Teams, is connecting people in new ways that even arcane offices can get behind. Work on documents together, send a quick chat, drop in files, and integrate with the robust Office aps in one easy place. Though this is a preferred solution for larger, more traditional offices, Teams makes it easy for any employee to pack up their laptop and hit the coffee shop without skipping a beat.

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