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What Height is the Right Table Height?

September 23, 2019

What Height is the Right Table Height?

Sometimes we want to sit, sometimes we want to stand. Sometimes we want to lounge around, sometimes we lean in for a brainstorming session…

…We're all dynamic people with preferences that range from sitting cross-legged on a cushion to pivoting on a balance board, so when designing a gathering space, consider what table and seating options will provide flexibility and comfort for all. There are four main table heights to choose from:

STANDARD HEIGHT TABLES are the first ones that come to mind, right? That's the height of your dining room table at home, your all-weather patio furniture, the booth at your favorite restaurant, and the height of your desk. There's comfort in the familiar, of course, but there's also the widest variety of tables to choose from. Your opportunities are endless with regard to materials, style, size, and shape. In short, you can't go wrong with this classic height.

 Typically measures 30" high


COUNTER HEIGHT TABLES are a little bit of an oddball. You can't quite stand around them, but they're a great choice for stool-sitters and leaners alike. Imagine the height of a kitchen countertop overhang and you've got the right idea. Counter-height stools allow the sitter to still comfortably reach the ground, as compared to the slightly higher bar height options. A growing trend in residential furniture has seen an increase in counter height tables in dining rooms and breakfast nooks, so why not add a little taste of home to your gathering space?

 Typically measures 36" high

BAR HEIGHT TABLES are a staple of the food and beverage industry, but these days they're everywhere. Step right up to these tables and feel free to either stand or take a seat at a perfectly paired bar height stool. Larger collaborative and conference tables have grown up to bar height; they provide striking visual impact and add valuable flexibility when a group gets together for a meeting. In a café or coworking area, try mixing up your options by choosing coordinating standard and bar height tables for a bit of valuable variance in a seating space.

 Typically measures 42" high

OCCASIONAL HEIGHT TABLES have picked up a lot of names over the years. Coffee tables, accent tables, cocktail tables, end tables, and so on. There's a little bit more variance in height, depending on setting and purpose, but for the most part, these are unobtrusive pieces that are best suited for setting down a cup of coffee or adorning with clever books and decorations. They're great for casual meeting places; sitting around a lower-height table promotes open communication and removes the barriers between you and the person on the other side.

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